collage & ink
surface design_1
surface design_2
watercolour illustration on the topic "loneliness"
surface pattern_3
surface pattern_4
ink, collage & watercolour
watercolour & acrylic
surface pattern_5
surface pattern_6
acrylic painting
sewn illustration for promotion on Tunisia
surface pattern_7
surface pattern_8
abstract acrylic & watercolour
surface pattern_9
ink & watercolour process photo
acrylic still life
surface pattern_10
surface design_watercolour & ink
surface design_11
design for "Icarus" bowl
design for holiday card
surface pattern_12
surface design_ink & watercolour
surface design_13
collage & acrylic painting
surface design_14
surface design_14
surface design acrylic & ink
African mask in pencil
collagraph &watercolour
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